Aptys enables the enterprise to redefine the way their business is ran, by simplifying tasks, like redesign of a complex transaction such as Project Builder (CJ20N), through more intuitive formats and consumer-friendly user experiences, with SAP Fiori. 
Aptys has the skills and the experience on the latest innovations in enterprise mobility and SAP solution. 
We help you to implement Fiori, to extend any standard applications or create new application.  
Aptys consultants are part of the trainers team at SAP, we provide the main Fiori/SAP UI5 and mobility courses over Europe.  

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User Experience - the top of the iceberg

Fiori has heterogeneous definitions: know as User Experience, or a set of applications, where you could also define it as a design system or when talking about S/4, it will be called the new face of SAP.

Fiori application

SAP delivers Fiori applications so that they could be integrated in the Fiori Launchpad (FLP). FLP is the entry point to access the Fiori Apps. FLP offers also a set of services such as personalization, customizing, etc...
Fiori Apps can also be used standalone, called Web App, or it can be encapsulate as a mobile application to provide mobile features such as offline capabilities,...
Fiori apps are the new "transactions", designed to achieve a specific task for a specific role.