operational procurement

Operational procurement deals with purchasing goods and services the organization  needs, contract management, delivery management, and addressing any complaints. It’s about optimizing  purchasing functions so that the company has access to the materials they need when they need them, in the correct amount, at the right place, and the best possible price. The larger the company, the more benefit they will get from applying operational procurement principles to their overall procurement processes.

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The   SAP Ariba Snap   solution enables you to take control of spending and to enforce compliance. Its   preconfigured   spend categories, embedded procurement policies, business rules, and approval workflows increase your control.

SAP Ariba Snap provides support for   best practices   with intuitive deployment and administration plus   ready adaptability.   Designed specifically for   small and midsize companies,   it is packaged to fit your business and scale as you grow.  The SAP Ariba Snap solution is   evolutive  !

Start with a solid and preconfigured base and add extra functionalities that fit your additional business needs


SAP Ariba Snap Solutions offers complete functionalities from Sourcing activities (RFQ, tactical sourcing) to Invoicing activities (Reconciliation of Invoices) Through purchase requisitions and orders creation in Guided Buying. Here are some benefits of SAP Ariba solution:

  • Automated  business process, without complexity

  • Improved  purchasing compliance

  • Better  supplier relationships with  rapid  digital onboarding

  • User-friendly  system and  intuitive  user interface

  • Access  everywhere  around the world

  • Intuitive  administration of the solution

  • Fast  adoption

Rapid deployment of the solution with Aptys!  

The Deployment of the SAP Ariba Snap Solution is based on the  agile methodology . Aptys' implementation lasts 16 weeks. 

The first 4 weeks are for preparation purposes. During this phase, we will collect data, install cloud integration components and a supplier match. Last 12 weeks are divided into 6 sprints. Each sprint is related to a specific project phase and contains its own set of activities and actions. 

In addition, these activities and actions are assigned to a specific persona. By this way, we are sure to share information and knowledge to the right people.

During different sprints, Aptys will lead workshops and knowledge sessions to design your solution while configuring and  integrating  it with you . Aptys will also assist you during the preparation and the course of the tests.  Finally, Aptys will share with you its experience about   supplier enablement.  Actually, we will Help your company in the creation of internal and external  communication. 

Awesooooome solution + agile method = Happy users